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I'm in S3 secondary 3,its scottish,2 years pre-school 7 years primary school,4-6 years secondry,anyway in s2 i brought a couple in for a science presentation and my science teacher really like them,after the easter holiday(spring break) there was like 10 giant microbes on his desk lol,when i did the presentation theres this girl whom i hate who always makes fun of me,her and her friiends were laughing nd i chucked one of the microbes to her,she screamed nd grabbed it nd i shouted "haha! you caught aids!" i know it was harsh but it got her to shut up

Eh=0.2478 tranlation:it will take 0.2478 joules to increase the temperature of 1 nanometer cubed of earth atmosphere by 1 degree celcius

where would i be without my brain cell?
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