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Originally Posted by kskerr
"...including all the fellow microbes that have tried oh so hard to sicken Gregor."

Alex sweetie most of the bacteria in the body are beneficial and if you did not have them you would be dead... They protect against pathogens (the minority of bacteria that cause illness), strengthen the immune system, aid in digestion, and produce useful products for us, such as vitamins. All of my research organisms are probiotics, or bacteria that when consumed in high enough numbers give health benefits. Most bacteria just are, they are neither good nor bad. Cute idea for a book but a more balanced approach would be better, the general public is already misinformed and scared as it is, best to introduce them to reality. If I ever have enough money I'd love to start an education program to teach the truth about bacteria to children (adults have a hard time changing their beliefs). Perhaps your book could have some of the kinds of bacteria normally found in the gut joining your team of heros in fighting the invader...
yes, good point, perhaps studying a little before i write the book might be a ood idea also, Kskerr, i am a guy
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