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Default The "sick" factor

The very idea of making cute little toys out of our common ailments is amusing to me:
  • "Here, catch a Cold."
  • "You have a Sore Throat? So do I. He's right here."
  • "Sorry about your ulcer, but it is very kind of you to give a home to these cute little guys."

But the truth is, what I really like is the "sick" factor in having these cute little plushies around my cube that represent some of the worst diseases mankind has had to deal with.
  • Flu looks so cute and innocuous, but killed over 20 million people in one year alone (1918-1919).
  • Bubonic Plague, cute as a button, killed off about a third of Europe (1347-1350).
  • Ebola, one of the more interesting-looking of these plushies, has a lower mortality rate than those above but scores very highly on the gross-out scale.

I will eventually acquire TB and Polio, but I'm waiting for Smallpox (Mostly for its infamous effect on the Americas in the sixteenth century.).
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