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Here is some Kentucky trivia to keep your mind off Giantmicrobes for a while [Welcome to Kentucky]
Entering Kentucky from the William H. Natcher
Bridge on US 231 in Daviess County

This news topic holds news items that apply to the state as a whole or to the state government as a whole.
Kentucky Trivia

* Kentucky is the 15th to state to join the union. It became a state on July 1, 1792 and was the first state located to the west of Appalachian Mountains.
* Before statehood, Kentucky was part of Virginia. Kentucky became a separate county of Virginia in 1776.
* Both Civil War presidents were born in Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln was born near Hodgenville in Larue County, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis was born near Fairview in Todd County.
* Kentucky was an officially neutral state during the Civil War. It contributed troops to both the Union and Confederate causes; more than twice as many Kentuckians served in the Union armies than in Confederate armies.
* Kentucky is one of four states officially called a Commonwealth. The other commonwealths are Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. See Kentucky as a Commonwealth [Outside Link] from the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives for more information about the word “commonwealth.”
* Kentucky’s state capital is Frankfort in Franklin County.

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