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lol! Yeah, I noticed that there weren't too many posters that have posted in a long time! XD Can't wait till Winter!^o^ (Even though I'm not much of a Winter person... but hey! Who can resist Christmas!!! Huh? I'm I right? !!!!!) Ha ha! Hope I won't get in trouble with the other forum people, (least not too much...) though I probably will in the future...XD

Ahhh! Japan must be soooo dreamy in the Autumn and Spring, No? ^_^ Either way, in all seasons it's beautiful!
MICROBES: Cute, yet... deliciously EVIL!!!!
Of course, not counting our good nonpathogenic microbes! (but they are still just as cute!)

-Stomach Ache*Special *Terrified with a smile! * ;D
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