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Tell them not to eat salad, fruit, vegetables, meat unless it is cooked pretty much literally to a crisp, ect. They should also not drink water, even boiled water, or milk or pretty much anything. Even if they had a sterile food sorce, which is unlikely since most foods can have something in it, may not be growing but is there, there are still bacteria on their dishes (even "clean" ones). Even the washed ready to eat salad has a ton of bugs on it, in the 1-10 million range as I recall from a lab I did as an undergrad, and they are not healthy bugs like those found in yogurt, some of them are potential pathogens (very unlikely to make you sick kind so don't get all paranoid). Bacteria are everywhere, can't avoid them, people are just more aware of them than they used to be and that freaks them out, I find it amusing but at the same time am concerned with the lack of education of the general public and the irresponsable actions of the media, they sensationalise these studies that are often not even conducted right and even the ones that are they do not give any perspective, just scare the crap out of microphobic public and make my kind's job harder !
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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