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I think of microbes pretty much all day long, I am in food microbiology, advanced food microbiology, microbiology seminar, and oh yes I work as a microbiologist ! Of course I am generally not thinking about the plush variety, those I generally think about when I am in my office and they are in front of me or when I visit the building that houses the microbiology office and there are some in the undergrad micro club's display boxes since they sell them as a fundraiser. I usually am not too concerned about microbes in my food, I went all paranoid for awhile when I first learned about the food borne pathogens but have since calmed down and just try not to be stupid but not worry. Sometimes I think people are better off not knowing some things because then they get all nutty and upset and there is really no need to, like there are bacteria on the washed fruit you eat, so what, the likelihood that they are pathogens is rather low, and even if there were there would have to be enough of them to make a healthy adult get sick! The flu is actually a pretty interesting bug for a virus, I enjoyed learning about that one in virology last semester.
~~Nonpathogenic microbes are our friends~~
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