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well, i'm in love with Helicobacter pylori [and with S. aureus too]
but it already exist like a plush
but i also like:
Pyrococcus furiosus, an archaebacterium, extremophile, its DNA polymerase is used in PCR and its name is funny

Taenia solium, the pork tapeworm; or the Taenia saginta
i think it's a disgusting parasite, but its sweet if you dont have it and see a photo

a specie of vibrio, like Vibrio cholerae woul be nice, someone suggested it, and i think it's the coolest vibrio, its like a big headed spermium

the Agrobacterium tumefaciens its a very important bacterium, that has a part of its plasmid, the T-DNA, wich is inserted in the DNA of infected plants, just like a provirus, its a very important biotechnological bacterium.

i don't remember any other intersting bacteria right now, maybe Bacillus thurigiensis, but i hope you like my list XD

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