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Poison Ivy needs to be eradicated, it is the worst! I have it all over (legs, arms, face, neck) I have some swollen lymph nodes that hurt so I went to the doc, he put me on steroids, hope that does the trick!

I got lice from a friend of a friend or her cousin (who knows which), funny thing was her mother accused me of giving it to her daughter but my case was beginning stages and her daughter's was advanced (the nurse said so). All my stuff had to be washed or bagged for the 2 weeks I think it is, and I was made fun of for a few years (I was the only one in my grade to get it and was very unpopular to begin with plus it was a small school so everyone knew everyone), so glad I am in college and out of K-12! People here are sympathetic of my poison ivy, if I were still in grade school they'd be harrassing me. Funny, I am likely going to be the most educated of my class since I am getting a PhD.
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