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I don't know why this came into my head, but it is an interesting story, so here goes...

Ok, so one easter quite awhile ago, I woke up at 12 to find my stuff, as kids generally do. Anyways, I found my easter basket (right next to my bed, obviously hidden under a blanket). I was a bit upset, because there wasn't much in there. I crawled back into bed and fell asleep. Awhile later, I woke up. It was still dark. I realized there was something in my arms. I looked, and a big chocolate egg the size of and ostrich egg was next to me on the bed, my arms wrapped around it! I thought maybe the "Easter Bunny," who I knew by then was my parents, had forgotten something and had come back and given it to me. What I didn't get, though, was why my arms were around it. I fell asleep again. The next morning, I awoke and ran out to the living room to get a better look at my treaures. I showed the egg and told how it had appeared mysteriously next to me on my bed. My brother emerged from his room, complaining that someone had opened his door and ransacked his basket. He then saw that I had an egg identical to the one i found next to me in my bed, and said that it wasn't fair that he didn't have one. He accused me of stealing it, and we got into a big fight. My mom finally took the egg and said it was my brother's. Later, she told me that it had been given to my brother, and couldn't understand how I had gotten it. There was only one explanation: I had sleepwalked! In my saddened state that there was little in my basket, I must have walked, opened the door, grabbed the egg, tipping my brother's basket over in the process, walked back out the door without shutting it, gotten back into bed, and awoke with the egg in my arms! It was really quite spooky...

I guess the thing about siblings and sleeping quarters triggered that's and interesting story, no?
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