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Default Geekfest '05

Not to be a total nerd or diss one of my favorite products but the 1,000,000X thing is not all that accurate, think it is more for dramatic effect than anything, though some of them might be about that in case of the viruses. Just think about it, viruses are way tiny, you need an electron microscope to see them, way smaller than bacteria and the stuffed microbes are about the same size for each and both are listed as 1,000,000X. Also if you calc it out, using my research organism as an example, it is about 1um long (small for a bacterium but I love it just the way it is ), that is a millionth of a meter. Multiply that by a million and you get 1 meter, and that is using a small example, other bacteria can be more than twice as big. While a meter tall stuffed microbe would be cool, real cool actually , none of them currently are. Based on measuring one (it was about 12cm tall) and using 2um as an guestimate size for the actual organism and dividing I estimate the bacteria to be about 60,000X, or 120,000X if you use 1um. Of course my calcs are based on estimates and I don't know the size of each microbe (real or stuffed) without looking it up so these numbers are just ballparks. OK geekfest over, who cares about a stupid number Giantmicrobes are the best !

Also, lambda rocks but T4 is so much cooler looking . Polio is a great addition to the line, very important organism. Last time I ordered (few years ago, my family got me the last round) there was not a survey, when did that start?
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