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Norby 12-01-2005 06:40 PM

MoMA Exhibit
MoMA has a new exhibit called "SAFE: Design Takes On Risk" all about designs of products to protect the body from danger and stress. Guess which Giant Microbes (and insect) made it into the exhibit?

kskerr 12-02-2005 11:18 PM

Cool site, though it is a trick question since two giantmicrobes are shown :).

Giardia 02-25-2006 09:59 PM

I'm guessing before I look...Ulcer?:confused:

Giardia 02-25-2006 10:03 PM

No, I don't get the purpose of this it pro or con to GIANT Microbes?:confused:

kskerr 03-04-2006 04:18 PM

I think it is kind of neutral, but I could be wrong. If it were anti then I would be mad.

Giardia 03-05-2006 12:35 AM

I agree. How could someone discriminate something so cute and educational?

kskerr 03-26-2006 01:30 AM

How indeed, how indeed ;). People discriminate against microbes all the time, why not the plushes too I guess.

GERMan 03-28-2006 02:27 PM

I think the exhibit was more or less unprejudiced.
Still I think the whole exhibition was about "concern about dangers everywhere", so they didn't quite get the "fun" point about the thing here... :D

Giardia 04-17-2006 06:50 PM

I agree. Where's the fun?

kskerr 04-17-2006 08:43 PM

The fun is the fact that we get it and they don't and the funny looks they give us :D!

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