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fat cell 01-27-2010 03:17 PM

Do somthing about these spamming pms and members. I keep getting pms about viruses. I don't have any. When I click on the profile it says you can't see it. :( Not that I want too. LOL but still I'd like the spamming to stop. :( I deleted one of the pms but there is still two left. I'm sure I will receive more by the time a reply comes around. PLEASE HELP!!! :(:)

Stomach Ache*Special 01-27-2010 05:36 PM


Now I know I'm not the only one!

fat cell 01-27-2010 07:47 PM

No you are not the only one. Thought I was though. :)

Stomach Ache*Special 01-30-2010 01:15 PM

Seriously! Where's everybody??:confused::confused:

ultra T4 01-31-2010 09:18 AM

suspicious messages
i keep getting these messages from "lady admin" who i doubt is actually an admin

giardia_2 01-31-2010 02:56 PM

Ohhh. Everyone keeps sending me those too. It's getting really annoying. I have 16 notifications about it. I asked my dad and he said that it was impossible that I have a virus. UGHHH. Sooooo annoying!

fat cell 02-03-2010 01:08 PM

Newest is from forumcomrad. :mad::mad::mad:

giardia_2 02-03-2010 04:05 PM

LadyAdmin, forumAdmin, forum conrad. The could even all be the same person.It's getting really annoying though.

Hermes888 02-03-2010 05:17 PM

ForumComrad came for me too... stupid jerk... a new member? Oh yeah, THAT'S an Admin! :rolleyes:

TyphoidKat 02-03-2010 06:01 PM

This is very annoying, hopefully it will soon be fixed.

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