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myco monster 10-10-2009 05:29 PM

can swine flu do that????
recently all over the news in my town there was a story about a girl who started having flu-like symptoms on friday, was braindead on monday and dead on tuesday. they said she died of swelling of the brain caused by swine flu. as an almost-expert on this kind of thing i relly dout that it was swine flu. my idea is that the news is covering up the real disease behind it. all the symptoms SCREAM of a far deadlier disease that if word got out it would be pure panic:menengitis. one of 3 theories of mine is she didnt have swine flu at all and they are just covering it up. another is she had swine flu and menengitis at the same time. the third one is swine flu got in her brain and caused meningitis. whatever the case it is very intresting.

ultra T4 12-09-2009 05:07 PM

I agree people are making too big a deal out of H1N1 it probably was menengitis or a similar disease!

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