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Yeshua_the_Lord 07-09-2009 12:11 AM

Hey! Mazuac here! ^^
Hello! :] It's Mazuac! I'm not sure what happened to my old account... I tried to get everything back, but it didn't work! :/ Well, tis I and I am back! ^^ Yay! :]

ultra T4 07-10-2009 04:17 PM

welcome back! other members lost thier accounts too

10825 07-12-2009 12:02 PM

Hey Mazuac!

Welcome back!:)

Stomach Ache*Special 07-13-2009 02:07 PM


I thought you were gonna be gone for good!

Welcome back anyway!:D:D

ultra T4 07-14-2009 09:35 AM

well im glad your back mazuac!

kitty*cat 07-15-2009 07:45 AM

HI :D ^u^ :D Welcome back!

10825 07-15-2009 02:59 PM


How do you manage to get your posts in before other people's?:confused:

ultra T4 07-15-2009 08:01 PM

i have no idea it just happens!!!

Yeshua_the_Lord 07-17-2009 11:39 PM

It stinks I have to start all over...

But.... At least I'm back! >.<; A bit of stuff has changed... I don't like how an administrator has to approve the post! >:O

giardia_2 07-18-2009 01:02 PM

Hi! Yeah a lot of people lost their accounts!

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