View Full Version : microbe battle game!!!!!!!

myco monster
09-30-2009, 06:30 PM
since im gonna be gone for a few days here is somthing for you to think and post about:microbe gladiator game!!!!! i had way too much time and dice on my hands so i came up with a game. the setup is you need 2 microbes and at most 10 dice. all microbes have a certain number of dice depending on how powerful they are in real life and a special power. an example is flesh eating. he has 9 dice and his special power is free radical toxin. how free radical toxin works is you roll a die and if you get a 4 or more you add 1 die to his own giving him 10(the max number) dice. how you play is you choose 2 microbes and place them facing each other. players each roll a die. highest roll goes first. if you tie roll another time until one player rolls higher. then first player decides if they want to use ther microbes special power and uses it. then the first player rolls the dice and counts the number. then the 2nd player goes. whoever has a higher number wins. if the rolls tie roll again. so far nobody has played with me but myself but i think it would be pretty fun. post your own rules and ideas please. have fun.:)

10-19-2009, 07:00 AM
That sounds really cool!