View Full Version : When did you last get a Giantmicrobe?

09-13-2008, 09:16 AM
When Did You Last Get A Giantmicrobe?:)

Stomach Ache*Special
09-13-2008, 11:54 AM
I got some last Christmas!:D..... But that was long ago :(.....

I would of gotten some for my B-day because, by that time, those Petri Dishes came out, but I didn't know at that time, because the web page tricked me into thinking that there were the same microbes and nothing new! So I got almost nothing for my B-day!:(.....

The first thing I would of gotten, was the Fat Cell Petri Dish XD!! But that's just me.....

11-22-2008, 03:43 PM
Ooops! I have to change my answer to 'a few days ago' !:)

05-19-2009, 06:22 AM
I need to change mine to a month ago cause i've now got toxic mold and gigantic penicillan.

06-05-2009, 07:37 AM
I will be getting one soon!

06-06-2009, 05:35 AM
I have anthrax!